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Latest version: 0.99 (still beta...but it works quite well)

New in this version:

  • Start an email in the Email application directly from MSC
  • Edit your signatures without loosing the previous one in the edit box
  • Improved interface (at least i think so :-)
  • Fixed some bugs

Message Suite Companion (MSC) is a SwitchTask macro i started to write because i wasn't impressed by the Address history list in the Psion Email application. Only addresses you have already sent an email to are kept in this list, and since i work with multiple email accounts the two addressbooks also differ. The obvious solution would be to send an email to every email address i know, from both my accounts, but i preferred doing it the hard way... writing my own program :)

Message Suite Companion gives you the ability to define four seperate categories of links, where you can store email addresses or URL's. I don't think there's much wrong with the built in Bookmark list in the Web application, but i do like to keep all my Internet links in one place. You can rename the lists in MSC to any name, and can change the type of every list (email or URL).

I hope you find MSC useful, and if you have any questions/suggestions or remarks...... email me

Future plans:

  • UUencode and -decode files into/from emails (hopefully it'll be finished before Psion brings out Message Suite 2.0.. and no..i don't have any news about a 2.0 version, but i'm pretty sure they're working on it)
  • Fax entries (soon)
  • Grab email addresses from the Email application (not as easy as i thought it would be)
  • Email archiving (i have a prototype doing that already... needs a lot of work though)
  • Different language versions (takes time to write, i dont know if there are actually people wanting a different language version??)

Melle Sprenger, 28-05-1998