Known Bugs


Known bugs

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Pasting signature into email

Some signatures (i have not found a pattern yet...) make SwitchTask crash when they're pasted into an email. This does not happen when you paste the same signature into another application, so my guess is the Email application somehow has a problem with the way SwitchTask pastes text into the application. In version 0.99 i have made some changes to the routine pasting the signature, and it works more stable now. Sometimes this still happens though.

MSC not in focus, can't return to the macro

If you tap on the email application while running MSC , it will go to the background. Since SwitchTask is running the macro it is not possible to get back using the taskcycling of SwitchTask. Sometimes you also will not get back to MSC if you use the Open files / programs list. Until i make MSC a standalone application there's not much i can do about this.